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Eames Demetrios Maps a "Parallel Universe" Through 3D Storytelling | Dwell

So I have no idea what on earth or in the Multi‎verse 'Kcymaerxthaere' is or how to pronounce it.

I do know that anything that mixes story telling; parallel universes; 3D representation; geography; multi-linguistic accessibility; trans-Earth community story re-imagining and innovative scope is something I'm going to find out about !






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Street art: rejuvenating Indian cities & rebuilding lives | Citiscope

Art in itself is important.

Decorating walls and doors is a centuries old tradition in India. 

‎Yogesh Saini who began 'Delhi Street Art' in 2013, upon returning from Silicon Valley is helping young girls find their happiness and talents and to feel part of their city through street art.

Their Library was the first place to receive their beautifying energies.

Local businesses that have stalls in areas where street art has been featured and encouraged report increased business and tourist trade.

Everybody wins. ‎Read more in the link.




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Prince's secret donation to support Louisville's historic Western Branch Library | Insider Louisville

His heart just keeps on, lyrics, poetry, instrumentation, supporting musicians, loving his fans, pushing every boundary, quietly being a solid man - a beautiful soul.






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RATs. Comey does. I do. Do you?|

Keep your malware protection and security fixes up to date.

And for good measure... cover your laptop or desk top camera‎. I use narrow sticky notes...less risk of adhesive tacky mess.



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Library Offers Homeless People Mental Health Services

There by the grace of whatever diety we talk to at three in the morning go we. 

Libraries have always been safe haven for people who must needs live daily without shelter or support that is our right in this country. 

The challenge never lessens.




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Zaha Hadid - thank you for the beauty and the bravery

Zaha Hadid's death today caught me off guard and effected me at a level I wasn't expecting.

DameZahaHadid -31Mar16_2
Hadid's Computer generated image for Stadium,2022 World Cup in Qatar. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

There she was, out there in the world building buildings that I had dreamed of making reality when I was in school. And here I am still, a mere mortal woman, only a year and some younger than she - no longer daring to dream my dreams.

I would have never met Ms. Hadid but if I had, I would have thanked her for showing me that buildings can be built in ways that I imagined years ago. And would have told her that she made me feel strong by being brave for dreamers like me who reveled in the sight of her buildings as they came into reality in my lifetime.

Thank you Zaha Hadid.

This little piece by Ruskin, that I think of as almost a prayer, hung as a plaque on my locker throughout architecture school. It's not in fashion and full of romantic idealism and not a little ego. I thought it could be true then then and I still do.

"When we build, let us think that we are building forever. 

Let it be such work as our descendants will thank us for.

And let us think, as we lay stone upon stone,

that a time is to come when those stones will be sacred

because our hands have touched them."


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Broad strokes insight into Library Space Planning - tip of the 'Planningberg'

Web junctn trnfnlibspcs Capture
ScrnGrb: OCLC Webjunction 2014

This 2014 "46-page OCLC Webjunction guide, Transforming Library Spaces for Community Engagement, includes sections to help libraries and library staff to:

Create a Community Vision: Recognize the role of community input in a space planning process, and access strategies for obtaining this input to guide your efforts and related communications with internal and external stakeholders.

Design Your Space: Gain familiarity with the intersecting technical and creative considerations for launching a space transformation, and how to implement those considerations at your library.

Sustain Your Space: Consider how community engagement in a space transformation can happen at every stage of the process, whether in the planning, in the design or in the implementation of services or programs in the space.

Space Planning in Action: Learn more about the space planning process from the unique perspectives of two libraries that have implemented transformations with their communities."

Transforming Library Spaces for Community Engagement

This is a very 'broad strokes' approach to planning your library or even a library space.

Talking about "Project Management Competencies" does not a Project Manager make not does it give you the real life perspective on what data to use, how data can work for you and what data to share with your designer. It can serve as a 'memory point' for reference and lead you to links.

Planning for your library building project and being recognised as the leader of the library project is a huge undertaking that involves more behind the scenes work than any 'guide' can prepare you for.

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A 9 year old who doesn't know she can't do the unbelievable

We complain about our operating hours and our funding and how to stay relevant in the 'information age' and this little one

9yr old librarian

"Muskaan Ahirwar (who) lives in the slums of Arera Hills in Bhopal", India can put us all to shame just by being a 9 year old who doesn't know she can't do the unbelievable.

After school each day when she gets home, she reads to her friends who flock to hear her and feed their hunger for knowledge and delight.


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