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New Orleans 10 Years After Katrina~An Object Lesson For Planners and Architects

8 Maps of Displacement and Return in New Orleans After Katrina - CityLab (the Atlantic)

You can't plan anything unless you know:

  • where you are,
  • what you've already got
  • and where you want to go‎.

New Orleans hasn't got a handle on any of these criteria 10 years after Katrina. 

Now some individuals are beginning to put a sketchy picture together about where people went, why they didn't come back and what the city looked like before Katrina and ‎what it looks like now.

Lessons to learn from of a real, devastating, human tragedy.



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Who says libraries are dying? They are evolving into spaces for innovation

Yes they are.

And contrary to the caption on this photo, libraries have ALWAYS been spaces for collaborative learning. Since, well- the beginnings of the concept of The Library.

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Audrey Thank you for writing this article

"I find it beyond challenging to turn out culinary masterpieces (or even just a nice meal) while guests are chatting around me in the kitchen, and also because I just don’t believe it’s a good time to “entertain” anyone while I’m wielding a knife and managing fire. Plus, I’m happier when my whole world—especially my living room furniture—doesn’t smell of bacon grease."

Ms. Brashich had me at the title of this article but by the time I got to this part about the smell of cooking invading the living room I was a devotee!

Closed kitchen
screen shot

She titles her Article: "I Hate the Open-Plan Kitchen—and Amazingly, I’m No Longer the Only One". 

... that's' because I'm the Other One!!!! 

I have always hated this ridiculous idea that it's such fun to have guests stand around and watch me sweat and screw up in the kitchen and then I have to sit down and look at the mess all evening or work like a dog all day and have everything cleaned up way before the guests arrive (because I have to have time to get myself looking presentable - preferably not in 'comfortable clothes' and needing a shower.!) so that I don't have to be reminded about - WHAT'S IN THE KITCHEN!

I've been waiting for this rant for 30 years. Thank you Audrey wherever you are.

Read Ms. Brashich's whole article HERE.

And here's another link to a 2013 article by By Shawna Dillon, ASID, Kitchen

screen shot / Dillon Article

Designer, Studio Snaidero Chicago. Click on the photo: I love it.

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Documentary: Human Library Project on Absolutely Ottawa~CBC Mobile

The Ottawa Public Library in partnership with the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) make a documentary: The Human Library.
Video in this link.


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“Solar Classrooms in a Box” | Aleutia Solar Computers ~ GOOD

Scroll down and catch the video.
This is a fantastic story.
Computers are dust resistant; work in hot climates; work on 12v batteries without the need for A/C converters or D/C regulators.

And now it all comes packaged in a solar powered classroom‎, ready to assemble. Ready to help children in rural areas get the education they need in the 21st Century.

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